DIFINITY CONFERENCE 2020 | Auckland, NZ | Feb 17-20 2020

SQL Server Big Data Clusters – Your single Data Hub, at scale

Ben Weissman amongst the conference speakers in Auckland!

Date, Time, Place: February 19th 2020, 10:45am – 11:30am, Great Room 3
Track: Database/Azure
Length: 45 minutes
Level: 300 – Advanced

With SQL Server 2019, Microsoft is introducing a new couple of features for data virtualization, data mart scale out and big data analysis. They all together form the SQL Server Big Data Clusters.

After a short intro on the Big Data Cluster architecture, we will focus on how you can use T-SQL – a language that you’re familiar with – to use PolyBase, the SQL Storage Pool and the SQL Data Pool to bring all your data together and scale for performance or cost, depending on your needs!

All details concerning Difinity Conference you can find here.