Ben Weissman will be one of the speakers at PASS Data Community Summit 2023

Ben has been working with SQL Server since SQL Server 6.5, mainly in the BI/Datawarehousing field.

He is a Microsoft Data Platform MVP, a co-author of “SQL Server on Kubernetes”, “Azure Arc-enabled Data Services Revealed”, “SQL Server Big Data Clusters” and “The Biml Book”, regular blogger and speaker on national and international events. He has also published multiple online courses.

Ben has been involved in about 200 BI Projects and is always looking for ways to become more productive and make SQL Server even more fun!

Together with his team at Solisyon, Ben provides training, implementation and consultancy for SQL/BI developers and data analysts in (upper-) mid-market companies around the globe.

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Becoming a Deployment Ninja using Infrastructure as Code

You figured out which Azure Services you want to use and a first deployment was easily done by clicking through the portal or using the command line. But what if your estate is growing and you need to deploy more than just one SQL Database? What if you want to enforce naming conventions? You know that you need to move beyond using the Portal, ARM templates are tricky. What can you do? Enter: Infrastructure as code!

In this full day precon we will walk through the concepts that you need to grasp in order to deploy and manage your Azure Data resources at scale using Infrastructure as Code. We will point out differences, benefits and drawbacks of some IaC tools and manual approaches before diving into an intro to Bicep, a domain specific language for Azure Deployments. Through this we’ll create a complete workflow for deploying your Azure data platform architecture as code and check out how you can seamlessly work on that code with your team. Whether you are a consultant that needs to spin up POC environments fast, an Administrator managing large environments or a Developer needing Infrastructure as part of your build pipelines – we’ve got you covered!