Cloud Deployment: Executive Briefing… with Ben Weissman.

You want to know the different types of offerings in the cloud, including the differences between private and public clouds? Check out Ben’s course on Pluralsight!

When it comes to IT, processes and requirements change faster than ever and you need to be in a position to make adjustments with regards to capacity, performance, and availability on very short notice. In this course, Cloud Deployment Options: Executive Briefing, you’ll learn what you need to consider when moving your IT workloads to a cloud. First, you’ll explore how a cloud is different from just a data center and what the difference between a public and a private cloud is. Next, you’ll discover which types of cloud offerings there are. Finally, you’ll learn which advantages and disadvantages those cloud offerings come with. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of Cloud deployment options needed to understand the differences in cloud deployment and when to use which option.

Level: Beginner

Duration: 16 Minutes

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